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Dear Gladstone Park Chamber Member,

The Gladstone Park Chamber of Commerce is taking steps to promote the beautification and the branding of the Gladstone Park Community. We are working towards making Gladstone Park a destination place rather than a thoroughfare through Gladstone Park to other destinations. We are beginning with the reintroduction of our Banner Program. This is an exciting marketing opportunity that provides exposure to your business 24/7. The name of your business and/or your logo will be placed along the bottom of your banner.

The Gladstone Park business community continues to grow. We have many well established businesses including many outstanding food establishments, all of which make Gladstone Park so inviting to potential customers.  Our first step is to brand this area with as many banners as we can so please jump on this opportunity to promote your business, as well as Gladstone Park.

As people come to Gladstone Park we want them to know that they have been in Gladstone Park, and these banners will help accomplish that! 

We are taking applications for the 2020 Banner Program and plan to have banners installed in March 2020.  Please see the enclosed brochure for prices and rules and regulations of the banner program. 

If you have any questions, call committee chairman Helmuts Lackajs at (773)774-6266 or Chamber Executive Director Cathy Voight at (773)756-6206.

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